The X Factor

“What do you do, apart from studying?” is a question very easily thrown at a student when they are within the confines of a college campus. The answer depends highly on the context (…and probably even on the person asking the question), but it more or less happens to be outside the set of academic and technical activities. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a occasional, (perhaps) well-deserved break from studies?

Enter: the TU Delft Sport Centre X

Dit is X

People can be good at a host of things (including but not limited to academics), but unless they have a place where they can express it, their talent could very well go unnoticed. That’s where comes in. TU Delft has a sports centre close to the edge of the campus (perhaps that’s why it was renamed to X) which houses a lot of facilities for students to use for recreational purposes.

The sports complex at night

In the first week of every semester, students are offered a chance to try the activities out for free – activities ranging from boxing to zumba to spinning to DJ lessons, you name it! It is a good opportunity to check out what one could do with their subscription. Personally, I made use of the free week just to check out the facilities available, but being a tennis enthusiast I was sold right away, seeing the number of tennis courts in the complex – 14!

The tennis “bubble”, with 4 courts inside. Additionally, there are 10 more courts!

There are a ton of subscription options available on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis, and subscribing to any option gives access to almost everything (using the gym needs an additional subscription though.) Apart from the sports facilities and the cultural facilities (music rooms, a mini-library, etc.), an X subscription offers students some interesting “ticket hour” classes (spinning, combat, core stability, and so on) that are really enjoyable…and at times really “workout-y” (I had no clue what was in store for me when I enrolled for a core stability session!) There’s also the X Cafe, the ACTLab, the VR booths, Freetown…

One of the rooms that I frequent

…I can go on and on with the options available, but I’d run out of space. The website for X is: TU Delft X. You can check out all the options yourself!

(If I were to describe all of them through this blog, I think I’d need to keep blogging forever!)

Here’s a bonus photo of a snow-covered hockey pitch!

I’d say that trying out X is certainly worth it!

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