A tale of two cities

A Tale of Two Cities [1]

If you’ve read this post’s eponymous book, you’d be disappointed reading further, since I have visited neither Paris nor London…and I wasn’t around when the French revolution took place, unfortunately!

However, I do have my own tale of two cities – a tail starting in Berlin and ending in Prague!

This December, when the winter kicked in and the university offered us a break of about two weeks, I decided to do some travelling with a few friends to four capitals – Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Bratislava (I’ll leave it to you to figure out the respective countries!) – and we had a plan of covering them in just about 10 days. Though the experience was amazing, we all did realize that 10 days aren’t sufficient for evenĀ one city, leave alone 4! We shall visit those lovely places soon someday!

In order to keep Mr. Dickens happy about his book’s being referenced, I shall restrict myself to describing my journey through Berlin and Prague in this blog post, and follow it up with a tale of another two cities.


Berlin, the capital of Germany, is full of history! There are so many monuments, museums, churches, and other places of historical interest that one can’t simply have enough of the city without feeling overwhelmed! It is a mishmash of a modern metropolis with some really old architectural marvels sprinkled around, and of course, the Berlin wall is the most iconic structure of unity in modern times (rather, its demolition is!).

Thus will follow a series of photos of some of the highlights from Berlin.

Some (hitchhiker) street-smartness to prevent panic in Berlin!

The Brandenburg Gate, our first stop . It’s a gate to enter the city (back in the 18th century), and also one of the defining monuments of Berlin!

The Holocaust memorial, to remind the world of some dark times in modern history and prevent another episode

Where the “Berliner Mauer” once stood…

…some of the Berliner Mauer still stands and is now a graffiti canvas

A reason to visit Berlin during Christmas – the Christmas market (one of many, actually!)

A really beautiful Cathedral next to the Christmas market

Some Gothic architecture in the city

The Berlin tower – quite a site to sight on a dark, cloudy night

Though we were in Berlin for just a couple of days, we concluded satisfactorily that one ought to return to the city to understand more of it. Unfortunately, due to limited time, we had to say auf Wiedersehen and move over to our next capital on the list…


The capital of Czechia…err, Czech Republic (the locals prefer calling it the latter), is a beautiful city with some really amazing places to see! I have made up my mind of returning there really soon someday and spending a significant amount of time trying to wrap my head around all that history! It is also the place where Franz Kafka lived and churned out his literary masterpieces, and the city was a very important spot during the second World War. There are lots of things to see, lots of local food to eat, and the best part is that everything is located closely in such a way that one could simply walk around to get to any place!

Here are some glimpses from the Bohemian city.

A standard architectural style seen in Prague

Such hanging signs are commonplace in the old town

A “cubist” house – no points for guessing why it’s called so!

The beautifully illuminated Petrin tower at night

The Vltava riverfront at night

On the streets of Prague, surrounded by people!

Tourists, tourists, everywhere!

Sunlight on St. Vitus’ Cathedral

Goulash, a traditional Czech soup (also claimed to be a Hungarian soup)

The Wenceslas Square at night

Sitting on wisdom

A Prague-o-rama

As was the case with Berlin, Prague was also packed with things to see that made it necessary for us to assume that we’d have to return to the city someday…and I’m sure we will!

However, given that we had to cover two more cities in 5 days, we had to be a bit Praguematic and move on to the next one on our list…

…and the next tale of two cities will be covered in a subsequent blog post.

(Reference: [1] https://topxtopics.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/a-tale-of-two-cities.jpg)

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