Half done, half left, and some reflections

“Life is filled with quotes on life.”

– Life

A very cliched approach to describing points of view as being optimistic or pessimistic is through the glass half-empty or glass half-full approach, as is commonly known and widely used. I’d like to apply this approach to my time here at TU Delft, but more in a sense of the passage of time rather than perspectives because I’m halfway through my programme, having finished one year here, with one more (long) year to go (and sadly with this, ends my blog too.)

Kinda how I feel at this point – the future is slightly hazy (if only I were a bridging programme student, I could have punned here – but oh well, I did it anyway)

It has been a very exciting time filled with some really sharp extremes, unlike the smooth sine wave I was thinking of before entering, and this college has really tested me in a lot of aspects. Moreover, with my Honours programme the burden is even more extreme and I really felt the heat in the first year, having walked on my toes throughout! I don’t know if I took good decisions (since there are no right or wrong decisions per se) but 2018-19 was certainly among the most happening years for me in my 24 years of existing.

However, if there’s something I’ve really learned, it’s that our lives are filled with a lot more paradoxes and contradictions than we can imagine – for instance, one on the one hand, you’d think yourself incapable of something, only unless you try it – and on the other, once you’ve done it, you wonder why. There were lots of times when I questioned myself along these lines, and I’m sure it’ll keep happening in the future over and over again! It happens to be the case with everyone, but once you really focus on what’s happening and look at the bigger picture, you start seeing some absurdities and patterns in a lot of things – and thus comes self-awareness into the picture.

One more year of walking to the top of the library and looking at the Ikea sign awkwardly.

It feels really abstract the way it’s put, but that’s because it’s applicable to a lot of things, be it in choosing courses, destinations, activities, or even food. “No clue why!” is a good mantra to apply (…unless you’re in charge!)

Of course, there’s a lot of such abstract concepts that can be mentioned but randomness and uncertainty really stand out and are almost universally applicable.

This being my last blog post, I don’t think there’s much substance to put other than just a simple goodbye! I see quite a few people graduating, some new faces, and some like me who are making a transition within the same box, but I can certainly gather that there is a lot to learn from everyone you meet – any experience is an experience, whether good, bad, or even ambiguous!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and reading my posts, and I wish you all the good luck there is! In the meantime, I shall continue with my academic waltz and dance to the tunes of my internship, my thesis, and everything that comes along with these times!

I don’t think they speak Spanish here though. Dankjewel.

(To be honest, I can’t dance.)

Tot ziens/dag/doei/doeg/vaarwel! (and any other Dutch phrases for goodbye equivalents that I might have missed!)

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